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Peyton's blogosphere.

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Peyton's blogosphere.



Lately I have been really busy. Between homework, preparing for multiple auditions, singing, drawing, putting together a portfolio, making district chorus, youtube-ing, and my social life, I have had no free time whatsoever.

Last Friday, I slept over at my friend, Brenna's house and we froliced on her trampoline with her dog for ages. Then, on Saturday morning, we had to wake up at 7 because Brenna is on an ice skating team and she had practice. I wasn't allowed to skate because the ice skaters were on the ice, I wasn't allowed to watch them skate, the games weren't open, and LaserTag had no staff.
So instead of doing that, I texted my two least favorite people in the world on Brenna's phone... and took a nap in a massage chair.
After skating was over at 1:30, we messed around on the trampoline for another hour. Brenna's dad dropped me off at my house at 11:50 and at noon, my other friend, Isabel, picked me up and we went to see Sherlock Holmes with Ari. It was awkward. Ari didn't even understand the movie, so I had to explain it to him multiple times.
"THE BAD GUY IS LIKE JESUS. They killed him, right?"
"Uhm. Yeah, the hung him."
"Well, now he's back from the dead. Like Jesus. Yes, I did just compare the figure that inspires entire religions to an evil, crazy magician-thing. Oh well. Metaphoricly speaking, he's Jesus. But bad. REALLY BAD."

Once the movie was over, we got ice cream & Ari's mom picked him up. It was at this point in time that we realized we were trapped at Short Pump without a ride home. I called my mom; she was at CostCo. Isabel called her mom; she was getting ready for a basketball game, but could come and get us in an hour.
So we waited.
Actually, we didn't really wait, we went and Barnes & Noble and chilled and looked at books for a while, then we tried to go into a cigar store to see what the people in there would do to us if we walked in. We got yelled at, haha. Then we went back to Barnes & Noble and rode the escalators until an employee told us to stop.
Then Isabel's mom came and she drove by Isabel's house. Isabel got her stuff and then we went to my house and got ready for Cotillion.
Cotillion, I have to say, was pretty uninteresting. Well, ONE interesting thing happened at Cotillion. Apparently I told some guy he needed a haircut, like, the first Cotillion and he remembered my name and everything. Uhm, yeah, creepy.

Highlight of my day, lol.
So, it was Jenna, Isabel, Neal, pattEllen, and pattE's older brother, who I will refer to as Fred for this blog because I like that name more (:
Lmao, I don't really know what to say because all it was was pure hilarity.
Did you know pattE has a shrine in her closet of this guy she's liked for 7 years?
I'M KIDDING, you guys.
Ellen, I love you. Please don't eat me.

So then Isabel slept over at my house and nothing interesting happened until 2 am when Tyler (NOT WARD. It's a Tyler you don't know, Ellen) and I were on facebook chat. It was intense, haha. At one point, Isabel got on the computer and was Lefan for Tyler. I love me some Lefan xD
Then Isabel went to bed, and I was still on the chat.
Obviously, this is where it gets interesting and when I stop telling you what happened because it was SO awkward and so funny I don't really know how I could explain it to y'all without you thinking the wrong things.
(Not pervy wrong things. Just incorrect assumptions about us.)

Sunday. Blah. I slept over at Isabel's and we watched TeenNick for like 7 hours.

Monday was fun (:
We didn't have school because of MLK day, so Isabel and I went to 7-Elevan, got taquitos (there's a shock0 and hung out at our elementary school. Maggie and Brittay came after a few minutes, so the four of us hung out for a while.
On the school's blacktop, there is a huge map of the United States with all the states and everything. All four of us layed down on Alaska and pointed...

Gah. Too lazy to finish.


Seven month gap. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh.

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA. I don't have the guts to delete all that. It's pure gold. <3

I'm in Georgia as of...now. I come home August 4th.
ROFLCOPTOUR was possibly the best night of my life ever. I met TONS of new people, and saw some people IN PERSON that I've been watching on YouTube for a year. I'm posting a review of the show on Accio-Potter upon my arrival home.

I bought a leotard today.
Legit :3

-My wizard rock band, The Bolts Of Fire (dramatic name change) is releasing an EP in October. Holy moly that's exciting. Fully acoustic, free download. No album art or definite song list yet. If you wanna help with the album art situation, contact me in, like, two months. I'll make another update.
-Once I get home, I am [finally] starting up my new YouTube channel, which should be really fun/interesting/awkward [: I'm looking forward to it.

Also, I'm kind of into typography at the moment. Been watching too much Karen Kavett again. She's awesome, haha.

PM me for Bolts Of Fire MySpace & new YouTube channel links.


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#yolo #yolo #yolo

PSA to Alyssa: We hate you. Our apparent liking of you is a lie. Leave MFO.
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Peyton's blogosphere. :: Comments


Post on Sun Jul 25, 2010 7:34 pm by macadamia_gal

I love you, too...she says, seven months later. I apologize if you feel unloved. I'M A FAILURE.


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Post on Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:13 am by Blammer258


That was epicc ;D

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Post on Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:59 am by ZeldaG

You enjoy writing long blogs, don't you? Laughing

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