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ClipperChipper's Blog

dj party

Hey guys this is my blog. Most of you know me but there are a lot of members I haven't gotten the chance to talk to... What else... Yup that's it. If you like to talk about Millsberry I can help you here. My username on Millsberry is ClipperChipper. My buddy's name is Chip. But don't call me Chip because that's not my name, just by buddy's name. If you have any questions you want to ask, feel free to ask away. Just don't get too personal. Thanks for reading! Ummm... Cool smiley... Yeah.

Everything comes naturally, it comes naturally!


More about me:

Just to start you guys off, I'm not fat, so if you and your little buddy are walking down Mulberry Street and you see a fat guy, around 15, sitting on a bench wolfing down hot dogs, I can honestly say it's not me. And if you make fun of fatty over there and say, "Hey it's ClipperChipper!" I will personally hire someone to go and devour you. So don't do that.

Second, I do recycle. So, never will my future job be working for the dump. So if you see a kid on the back of a garbage truck, you and your little buddy better not say, "Hey, that's ClipperChipper!" Cause I will personally hire someone to eat you. And, if you go and throw out that soda I see you drinking in the trash can, and not in the recycling bin, I will go eat you. So watch out fatty with the can...

Also, I am also kind of a neat freak. I will let my room get all messy, but then it will just tick me off, and I will get all mad. SO, I usually keep it clean. But, that's not usually a problem. I dislike it when people spam threads, which is messy, it makes it look unorganized and I want to eat someone.

I dislike it very much when people write in all uppercase or lowercase, (unless it's for emphasizing something), and use no punctuation and informal wording. I can't take it when paragraphs look like this:
i am rly sry yasmine 4 braking the ruls cuz i didnt meen 2, but i rly want 2 come back on the site, please let me back...
NO! If you are going to write anything to me, or if you want me to read something, write it formally. I will probably ignore it and delete it. So please write neatly. Like me.

Cloning: I hate cloners that clone their "valuables" just to put them into their yardsale and make some quick cash. Sure, anyone can do that, but it's not right. They're making Millsbucks for the wrong reasons. Many people have QUIT MILLSBERRY, (see, that's emphasis), because of this, it's just so annoying. If some people want to clone just to give, they should give to the people that deserve it. Doing other good deeds. And I've seen this happen: A member signs up for some website, makes a wishlist, and a cloner just gives them, along with everyone else, almost every item on their wishlist! And what did they do to deserve that? Seriously? Sign up? Oh yeah, because whenever I see a member sign up, I give them every item I own! (Yes, that was sarcasm). So cloners should just stop. Just stop. No more commments on that. So if you're one of the cloners, and you all know who you are, so just stop.

Stop ta-ta-talking that Blah, Blah, Blah!


More info:

Name: Eh, some know, just call me CC, never call me Chip, unless you do. But try not to get in the habit, the ones that do, I let it slide.

Birthday: January 16

Age: 15

Likes: Boston sports teams, Millsberry, Omgpop.com, Skype, whole bunch of other crap, and more. I like the winter sometimes, only if I can ice skate, and play hockey, or sled. But if it's all cold out and no snow, I hate it. I like summer, always, even rainy days. Beach is okay, only if the water is warm.
Dislikes: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, all that crap, and more. I hate steakhouses cause there is way too much meat, gross. And I don't like informal writing, and that's pretty much it. Oh, and I HATE annoying people, HATE. So don't bug me just to say "Hey"cause I will most likely not reply. Thanks.
That's all you should pretty much know about me.

Oh by the way, my Mills username is Clipperchipper, along with my omgpop account. And Skype, but don't call me, cause I won't answer, but chatting is fine.

Anyways... I am guessing you all know what Milllsberry is. So I am going to talk about omgpop. OMGPOP is THE BEST WEBSITE EVER! BESIDES MILLS!

If you didn't know, I am a big Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana fan! So, Hannah Montana rocks out the show. Lol. Miley Cyrus is just as sweet as niblets. Lol again. So yeah.



Well, my brother got sick, so he threw in the bathroom downstairs, well one of them. Then he threw up again in the upstairs. Mine and his. It was nasty. So I was like, now, what we need to do is clean the last bathroom (besides my parent's, I can't use that). So, CT and I went in and cleaned, we mopped, we did everything, just so I could take a shower. All of the bathrooms smell bad now because I used the wrong cleaning stuff in the bathroom (yeah I can't clean, xD), it was nasty. So, I turned on the water in the gross bathroom and it was a rustic brown, I almost puked. I didn't. Turns out, I just used one of the pukey bathrooms. It smelled like rotten barf. Good thing my pukey brother (tried to) clean the crap barf stuff out of the bathroom.

Today's NEW Story:

If you have ever seen anyone get in trouble. It is hilarious. So, before I start, you must know the following: Our principal is really annoying and old. And she is retiring this year (thank God), and we are getting a new one. Anyway, today during lunch, one of my friends, Haley - who sometimes sings Naturally (my favorite song) by Selena Gomez, got in trouble. The principal took her away, and some other really annoying girl. And everyone started watching her. We couldn't hear anything, obviously, but we could see her. She looked like she was going to cry, but she isn't like that. Then she starts wailing - yes wailing - her arms in the air, and we could hear her at this point. "No, seriously, I didn't even know I could do that!" At this point, EVERYONE was confused, we couldn't even think about what they were talking about. But everyone was cracking up, and Haley kept yelling random sentences. And this is why seeing people getting in trouble is always funny.

Come back for another daily story (more like weekly) soon! GRACIAS!


Holy $&!#! I did NOT know I could write so much. I will post some new, rather interesting stories tomorrow or something. I hope you read all of that - pretty funny. "I Will Eat You" is an overused term I see. I am going to edit that. And that song stuff, "Blah Blah Blah", did I really like that song at one point? I feel bad for whoever knew me when I posted that. Aha. One more thing that I enjoy is making fun of myself. You'll see me posting about it one day. I will post a story eventually.

Last edited by ClipperChipper on Sat Jun 11, 2011 12:08 pm; edited 14 times in total
A Wow Member!

Male Posts Count : 11301
Age : 21
Location : Millsberry, but maybe here, and where I live. If you know where that is, yes I mean you, do not say it, because you are probably a stalker. So don't come near me or I will throw my fist, and kick to the spot, so watch out.
Dream : Please PM me if you'd like to know, you can send anything you like over to me, I usually send a thank you gift and stuff, if it's from my wishlist, excpect something in return.
Hobbies : It changes so often I couldn't possibly tell you how many times I've had to change this. I am getting so tired I need to say I have various amounts that I believe are not to be announced in this box for I would be here all day changing this every hour. If you must now, not much. I was hacked. Right. Sounds phoney, believe it. You have nothing better to believe. Check out my old house, gone, totally gone.

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ClipperChipper's Blog :: Comments


Post on Wed Jun 08, 2011 12:52 pm by ClipperChipper

Kind of updated.

And uhh Zelda, on the first page of this blog you wrote

"Hey CC. I see your back.

I'm ready for 'you know what' when you are"

You little perverted child. aha

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Post on Wed Jun 08, 2011 12:53 pm by ClipperChipper

Blammer258 wrote:Smile

You MAY be dorky, geeky, and loser-ish, but I still love you Very Happy

Thanks Kayla. I will have you know I won my baseball game today - now I don't sound so much like a loser. I also got the highest score on my math test- in the class. Does that make me sound geeky?

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Post on Mon Jun 13, 2011 5:56 pm by Blammer258

reading that makes me feel awkward. or maybe that's just me.

Hmm, in the middle. YOU'RE NORMAL! Me, howeverrr, haha. I got highest GPA in the grade and a perfect score on my language arts state standardized test. that's mah dorky side! i just bought pokemon shorts and i play zelda games frequently. nerdy side. i no longer constantly type correctly! (it's on and off). AND. I was a beast at basketball, soccer, softball, and track this year (:

i'm still a loser... just a loser with less time D:

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Post on Thu Jul 07, 2011 5:45 am by jcoo2

aRE YOU still a loser who's also a band nerd? BECAUSE BANDIES ARE THE BESTIES!

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Post on Sun Jul 10, 2011 7:02 am by Blammer258

pshh, yeah! band= best thing evar (:

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Post on Tue Jul 12, 2011 1:43 am by jcoo2

I know!!! I absolutely love my band! High school changes the meaning of band from music theory to being a dork in public and loving it!

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Post on Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:38 pm by Blammer258

Haha, I know! My electives for next year are band and spanish, and I can't wait (:

I go back august 10, what about you?

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