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The Rules!

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The Rules! Empty The Rules!

Post by AaliyahLuvah26 on Sun Aug 29, 2010 5:58 pm

TheSocialGalaxy.com Rules and Regulations

SECTION I -Rule Information-
The following are the Official rules and
regulations for TheSocialGalaxy.com. All rules and regulations are made
must be followed.


SECTION II -The following is prohibited-
Advertising is prohibited. You may not advertise other forums, or websites such as
Facebook, Myspace, Tumblr, Twitter, Etc. in any way. The advertising of
Millsberry.com yardsales, trades, auctions, sells, or anything similar
through private messaging or spam is not allowed! For more information
on that subject, click here.

The discussion of cheats for Millsberry.com is not allowed. This includes
cloning. Selling, trading, auctioning, or advertising clones is also not

Spam is not allowed. Any spamming done will result in warnings being issued. If you are not sure what Spam is, click Spam.

"Back-seat Mod":
This refers to any member participating in the act of Staff. Staff actions
are for Staff members only. Do not act upon such position(s). If you
wish to be apart of Staff, you may send in an application.

Insubordination toward any Staff member is prohibited. Refusal to obey a Staff members demand may lead to being banned.

The use of such words toward any member or Staff (or in general) will result in warnings issued or a ban issued.


SECTION III -Forum Regulations-
When posting, there are certain rules you must follow depending on
which section you post in. Usually, those rules are posted as an
Announcement in the section. In some sections, there is a limited amount
of topics you can create at a given time. That information can be found
in the section's rules as well. Posting 4 or more times in a row is
prohibited. Posting 3 times in a row is prohibited unless there is a 24
hour time difference between the second and third post. Double posting
is allowed.

Private Messaging: To be able to send Private Messages, you must
have at least 25 posts. Private Messaging is a privilege that can be
taken away if abused. The same rules apply when sending Private
Messages. Any harassment or threats made to a member will result in the
removal of Private Messaging for such member.

Warnings: Warnings are given out when a member violates a rule or
regulation. Depending on the severity, a member can receive 1 to 4
warnings. When a member gets 4 warnings, the member will be
automatically banned from the forum for at least 7 days. Warnings can be
viewed on your profile.

Ban Process: There are many reasons a member can become banned. Any
violation or disruption of the rules and/or regulations can lead to a
temporary or permanent ban from the forum depending on severity. If any
member receives four warnings, the member will be banned for at least 7
days. If you receive a temporary ban more than once, it may lead to a
permanent ban.

Personal Information: Personal Information consists of the
following: Phone Number, Full name, Address, Etc. Giving out personal
information or persisting to know of another member's personal
information is not allowed. Any other information such as an E-mail,
Age, Profile Pic, Etc. is allowed under certain circumstances. Please
use precaution when giving out such information.

Accounts: You are limited to only ONE account per user. Creating
multiple accounts is not allowed. If you a banned member and you create
another account, it will be automatically banned permanently. If you are
a temporary banned member and you create another account, both accounts
will be banned permanently. Sharing accounts is prohibited as well,
even if the member you share an account with is a sibling.

Images: Images in your Avatar, Signature, Chillzone, and Gallery album
must be appropriate for the forum. If any image is inappropriate, a
notification will be sent by a Staff member to you. Any images
containing vulgar, obscene, or adult material will be immediately
removed and the member will be handled.

Profile Information: All profile information must be appropriate and respect the rules and regulations.

Respect: All members must respect the forum, it's members, the rules, and the Staff.

To find more information on regulations, scroll down to the next post.


SECTION IV -Rules Simplified/Sum up-
DO NOT post inappropriate images or inappropriate content.
DO NOT be rude to any other member.
DO NOT associate with any vulgar or obscene situations or scams.
DO NOT disrespect The Staff or any other member.
DO NOT participate in any hacking, scamming, or account malfunctioning.
DO NOT harass other members in any way.
DO NOT disrupt the forum.
DO NOT persist in the knowing of personal information.
DO NOT discuss any non-proper contents of the forum.
DO NOT ask to become a part of The Staff
DO NOT claim to be a part of The Staff or act like a part of The Staff.

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The Rules! Empty Re: The Rules!

Post by AaliyahLuvah26 on Mon Aug 30, 2010 5:22 am

Bumping Topics:
Yasmine723 wrote:Effective
immediately you can only bump a post once in 48 hours (ONCE every two days). If you do bump
sooner the 1st offense is a verbal warning by staff. Second offense is a
physical warning.
*If you are bumping a topic for more than 10 days, the topic will be considered inactive and will be locked.

There still seems to be some confusion in bumping a topic:
Let's use an auction as an example:

At 11:05 AM on 4/5/10: you post that Yas is in the lead.....this is OK

At 4:15 PM you say: Bumping... this is not allowed

Because when you posted at 11:05 that is the same as a bump, so now you
need to wait for 48 hour from 11:05 on 4/5/10 so you could bump the
topic on 4/7/10 anytime on/after 11:05

Please remember allowing "bumping" is a privilege to help members keep their topics active and should not be abused.

Any questions please feel free to contact a member of staff.

Forum Siblings:
AaliyahLuvah26 wrote:
lot of members have requested that they have their brother/sister join
the forum. This is no longer allowed due to the many cases in which
certain members lie to have an extra account for the wrong reasons.
Please do not ask any of the Staff members to allow your siblings to
join and do not ask if you can share accounts. If you continue to
persist and try to persuade the staff to change their minds, they have
the right to give you a warning. Please respect and obey this rule.

Thank You.
-AaliyahLuvah26 The Rules! 924765

More on Personal Information:
Zeldag2016 wrote:Everyone, be sure to read this. I just want to clarify this.

release of personal information is not allowed here. This includes
phone number, address, zip code, or anything like that. We are trying to
protect you.

If you are to disobey this rule, it will result in
a warning. If found in a post, we will remove it and consequences will
come in time.
Read a bit of this for basic internet safety guidelines to help you not only protect your computer, but protect yourself:

Please take the time to read over all the rules and insure all are followed while you read this. Thank you.


by AaliyahLuvah26: I will allow the use of emails and full names but
please use with precaution. We will not be responsible for any trouble
you get into for giving out personal information.

Password Security:
Recess_rocks09 wrote:All you need to
keep your account safe is an at least 8 digit long password with both
numbers and letters, uppercase and lowercase.

password that is 8 letters/numbers long has over 218 trillion
combinations! That means that for a person who knows your password is 8
digits long to have even a 1% chance of guessing your password, it will
take them almost 300,000 years!

programs can be much quicker at guessing passwords, so valuable
information needs to be guarded by a strong password. A good website to
help you choose a password is


Select "8" from the box that says "Size"
and "5" from the drop-down box that says "Password #". Look at the
passwords it generates for you and refresh the page until you see one
that looks easier to remember. Feel free to make a change or two so
you'll be able to remember it.


  • Use
    a strong password for all of your secure information: iTunes, e-mail
    accounts, and any website that has your personal info, especially credit
    card information.

  • This can be the same password for all or a separate password for each site.
  • More
    importantly, your passwords for secure sites need to be different from
    the ones you use in forums and other websites like Millsberry. This way
    you can be sure that nobody from these websites intercepts your password
    to gain access to your credit card or personal info.

  • Never use
    passwords shorter than 6 characters, names of sports teams, websites,
    names of people, favorite things, etc. Passwords should be as random as
    possible so they won't be guessed.

AaliyahLuvah26 wrote:Please do not get a
signature that will slow down the forum or take up too much space. If
your signature is inappropriate, you will be notified by a staff member
and will have 24 hours to remove/change it.

DO NOT advertise in your signatures.
The only thing you may advertise in your signature is your Millsberry.com Yard sale or your Millsberry.com Home.

Any questions? PM me. Smile

Reporting Posts:
Purple wrote:
Reporting Posts!

urge our members to report posts immediately if you see anybody doing
something that is against the rules. You can report a post by clicking
the: The Rules! Icon_post_report button.

you report a post that way, it is easier for Staff to find out whats
happening or of course you can just P.M a Staff member saying what the
report is.
Don't be afraid because if you never did
anything wrong then you will not get in trouble, in fact if you report a
post that is going against the rules you are not just helping
yourselves but you are helping everybody else in the forum. You do not
have a button to report private messages so therefor you will have to
P.M me saying what was in the P.M and we will see what we can do for you
but that option is only for reporting P.M's.
I said we are very nice at this forum but many members take this as an
opportunity to go against the rules thinking we wont say anything but we
will because we are trying to keep our forum safe for you members!
at this forum try our hardest to keep you satisfied and because of that
reason we want you to go along with our rules, after all we try our
best to give as many prizes as we can away and to keep you happy at this
forum. We really want you to enjoy your stay and have fun. Please dont
ruin it for others.
Remember we are always happy to help!

Multiple Topics:
Recess_rocks09 wrote:Recently many members have been posting more than one topic in sections of the forum where only one topic is allowed per person. The sections allowing 1 topic at a time are:

Sections allowing 2 topics at a time:

Clicking on any of the white links will take you to the Rules topic for that specific forum. Before you post
please be sure to check the rules in the topic in that section. First
everyone will get a verbal warning, and if it happens again, a regular
warning for posting too many topics.

If you have reached your topic limit and you would like to post a new topic, ask a mod to close your topic by posting in your topic or through PM.

If you have any questions ask a member of Staff. Thank you and have a great time on MFO!


If you steal anything or any idea, you will be asked kindly to remove them
at first, but if you don't respond/remove it, we will need to contact
Administrator of the Forumotion Boards, or if that does not work we
will have to contact third parties to issue the removal of the copyright

-All quotes have been edited by AaliyahLuvah26-

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