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Role-Play Section Rules (Please Read!)

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Role-Play Section Rules (Please Read!) Empty Role-Play Section Rules (Please Read!)

Post by ZeldaG on Sat Jul 07, 2012 5:45 pm

Here's how this section will be breaking down since the rules have failed to be stated before.

Any member is allowed to post a topic in this section as long as it applies to role-playing (RP or RPing) within a thread. If in the case that a topic runs out of room, it will automatically split to a new topic so the story can continue.

The topic owner of the thread is technically a "Game Master" and thus can design the rules and the plot for the story. However, despite this, these rules will automatically apply in any thread or game scenario. The Game Master also has to follow the section rules no matter what circumstance.

1. No God-Modding!
This means that one member cannot be the "God" of the story. If you're playing "God," then you're pretty much over-powering your character.

2. Your Character is Your Character Only!
DO NOT control another character! Your characters are your characters! You are not permitted to write that a character (that you do not control) says or acts on anything. If a character falls down, the owner of that character has to say they fell. Or if a character wants to die, they'll say that an opposing force dies. It's their choice!

3. Grammar!
Please try to keep to the best possible grammar that is physically possible for you. No chat-speak/text-speak (u, y, r, g2g) is permitted. The word has to be able to be read and understood.

4. Talking Out-of-Context (OoC)!
If you want to tell someone something out of the typical story, please just put it a line or two down from what would be your story post and include parenthesis around the OoC message. It just makes things clearer so there's no confusion.

5. When Closing a Role-Play...
Please just PM a member of the staff and just ask to have it locked and moved. You don't have to change your title or anything if you don't want to.

Just some things to note:

Failure to comply with these rules can result in a warning and a ban if the warnings add up like the normal forum rules.

***Profanity! I'm loosening up the rules a bit on profanity. It will be permitted as long as there is an asterisk censoring out at least one of the letters. I will allow it for the role-play section seeing as it is not directing toward a member in a sense of rudeness, rather as a piece of writing.***

These rules can change in the near future as problems occur within the section. Any questions, concerns, suggestions, or problems can be taken to me since I will be mostly monitoring this part of the forum.

Happy role-playing!

Administrator of MillsberryForum.

Role-Play Section Rules (Please Read!) Cooltext727798506

Role-Play Section Rules (Please Read!) Userba11


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