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Creative Writing Rules

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Creative Writing Rules Empty Creative Writing Rules

Post by AaliyahLuvah26 on Tue Aug 31, 2010 1:30 pm

Creative Writing Rules

This section is for those members who enjoy writing. Any kind of writing can be posted here. For Example:

There are rules that must be followed in order to post your writing.
Basic Rules:
-Writings must be appropriate and agree with the Official Rules.
-Anything written by another member may not be used again in another member's writing unless given permission.
-You may not take another member's ideas or concepts unless given permission.
-Writings must not contain use of strong language.
-Writings must not violate any section of the Official Rules
-DO NOT post in another member's topic unless given permission by writer.

-Writers may choose whether or not they want members to post/comment in their topic.
-Each member is limited to 3 topics at a time.
-Topics that are inactive for over 10 days will be removed after a notification is given.

-Writers may choose to have their writing copyrighted for the protection of ideas, characters, concepts, themes, etc.
-Any violations of writers' copyrighted material will result in warnings issued out.

Originals and FanFiction Rules:
are stories you personally have made up. They are not based off of
anything that has already been created by a specified company.

These stories can be short or long, depending on your preference.
stories also need to include what Genre they are for better searching
possibly. They must be personally created to be considered original. If
you want, you can have chapters set for the stories. They can be put in
separate posts of the original story.

is a type of writing that is based off of already created stories. You
can have some personal created objects, but itís mostly based on other

As stated before, these stories are long or short, whichever you prefer.
you write Fanfiction, you MUST INCLUDE A DISCLAIMER. We want no members
here accused of Copyright. A disclaimer states that you DO NOT own what
you are writing about. (Ex. Zelda, Pokemon, Twilight, Harry Potter,
Disclaimers sometimes look like this:

Disclaimer: I do not own [name here].

you do not have a disclaimer, you will have your story removed, and a
possible warning depending since you can be accused of Copyright by
outside sources of the forum.
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